Inside Out: SEA Movie Page

Role: Web Production, Project Lead

Project Overview

The Inside Out Movie Page for South East Asia is a one stop landing page for tickets, activities, mobile apps pages, online games, galleries and character bios for the movie. 6 weeks prior to the movie launch, the team came up with a strategy to reveal one character each week to engage returning visitors. The site was built on Disney’s customised CMS.

6 weeks prior to the movie launch, the team came up with the strategy to reveal one character to engage returning visitors. The character roll outs started off with a sneak peak to all characters, and then a character review every single week.

As more content were coming in to the site, these were added accordingly and crosslinked on the site. The team also ran a meme generator campaign site that allowed users to create their own emotions, dressed up with different props and clothes!


Final Character Reveal Roll Out


I was involved in the whole process of planning, strategising, designing and deploying the contents to the site. Working closely with the studios stakeholders,  I was in charge of updating the sites according to the strategised roll out. At the same time, adding content such as apps and games were coming in. I localised and updated any content that were required to be featured on the site.

I was also in charge of keeping an eye of any technical support needed for the my-emotions site (site has already sunset), and crosslinks were set up across all possible portals to increase the visibility of the movie and pull guests to the movie page.


My-emotions emotions that can be created from the emotions generator


Joy’s Introduction


Anger’s Introduction


Sadness’ Introduction


Disgust’s Introduction


Fear’s Introduction


All Characters Sneak Peak

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